World Oceans Day - celebrating our seas

World Oceans Day - celebrating our seas

World Oceans Day - celebrating our seas

This World Oceans Day we are celebrating our seas, and all our volunteers who are protecting them.

One in three English bathing beaches are already flying our flags - Blue Flag and Seaside Awards - showing they are amongst the best in the world. 

And behind the scenes, thousands of volunteers are giving up their time and energy to help protect our seas. Through our BeachCare programmes in Anglia, the SouthWest and the Fylde coast, people volunteered 45,000 hours of their time last year alone. 

And because much of the litter in our seas arises from the land, our hundreds of thousands of volunteer litter heroes are making a real difference to our oceans too.

Wherever you live, you can join thousands of others who are helping seas this World Oceans Day.

Just do one simple thing - take care of what escapes from your home into our seas. In the bathroom follow the three-Ps rule ... only flush pee, poo and paper - everything else goes in the bin. And in the kitchen, don't let your fats, oils and greases slip down the drain - pour them into and old glass jar, then bin them once cooled. 

Join us this World Oceans day - thank the thousands who are protecting the seas by doing your little bit too.